26 de fevereiro de 2010

I love you.

Ihave written some time ago the thing I miss in your sweet kisses,
And even though they have (and being ...) essential along with your presence for my survival,
I had (and have) to keep them in the heart of the seat only to have them in my desires;
And exercising a lot this year that happened to my not humble patience ...

Unfortunately our tasks and duties pre-made in "took" the opportunities
To be together more often and the two had many "witnesses" around,
As I will try here alone circumvent the size of my longing;
If you are the only want whatever is best
Another factor that constrains me the heart is this lack of communication prolonged
So much to check the channels most commonly used and they find nothing lately,
It seems that far from me you you find yourself 24 hours a day, "guarded";
Without having only one chance to me to (re) hiring ...!

It is on these facts that do not bring me now or courage or hope,
That always look into the sky to see if I had any message,
There is here with me a feeling that never tires;
Why do I have to make sure that for you anyway still be loved ...

If your lips away from me are in the majority of my days,
Your memories are always very much alive in my heart,
I too find myself with you and recover the joy;
And winning all the kisses long promised and desired with all the emotion ...
As a reward of our long wait undertaken also want your embrace,
I also want to feel your scent and infuse it into my body with your heat,
My whole body longs for you and without you often do not know yet what I do;
Because I know I'm haste to you and feel that without you will not have value ...

I wish I could break into your room at a time without any warning and even unexpectedly,
Making yourself would my hostage and make you pay the ransom delighting in love,
I know you'd go get me a place alone and isolated;
And to possess each other would cease to turn all our fears ...

I do not wish in any way for me to forget you,
I do not wish in any way that I do not go back to have your love,
I do not wish in any way that my love in you not remain;
I do not wish in any way that I have to go on without you my way ...

And yes I too your sweet kisses I will bring the joy of living,
I rather the heat of your body to get involved in a sweet and crazy luck,
In every day I think how I can survive without this Love;
And I want to again receive the nectar of life that comes from your lips so sweet ...!
I love you.

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